Our story

Turning Personal Experience into Positive Change

Serene was born from CEO Savannah Price’s deeply personal experience supporting her sister through mental health challenges. As Savannah’s family unravelled the complex mechanism behind her sister’s mental health, it became apparent that irregularities in financial behaviour signalled deeper issues, despite the outward appearance of stability.

Savannah recognised the need for a solution that could help financial institutions identify and support customers grappling with the more “invisible” vulnerabilities like poor mental health and changes in life circumstances.

Today, Serene is transforming the financial landscape by empowering institutions to better serve the needs of all customers. Our mission is to create a more inclusive and compassionate financial system.

Creating a More Serene Future For All

The name ‘Serene’ encapsulates the sense of calm, tranquillity, and peace that we aim to bring to the complex and challenging world of finance. Today, just as a serene environment provides a refuge from chaos, our solution is a safe haven for anybody navigating financial challenges.

At Serene, we envision a world where financial services transcend mere transactions and become powerful allies in every customer’s journey. By harnessing the synergy of cutting-edge technology, insightful behavioural science, and a profound understanding of human vulnerabilities, we aspire to redefine the financial landscape.

Our mission is to create serene financial experiences, where institutions proactively champion the financial well-being of their customers, offering unwavering support and guidance through life’s ups and downs. We believe that everyone deserves access to financial services that not only understand but also anticipate and adapt to their unique needs, providing a haven of clarity and security amidst the complexities of modern life.


A Multi-Disciplinary Team United by Purpose


Savannah Price

With a background in fintech and a passion for leveraging technology for good, Savannah leads Serene’s mission to transform financial vulnerability management. Her personal experience and dedication to financial inclusion fuels her commitment to creating a more compassionate financial landscape.


Pooja Jain

As a neuroscientist and HealthTech entrepreneur, Pooja brings a unique perspective to understanding the intersection of health, behaviour, and finance. Her expertise shapes Serene’s approach to delivering empathetic, inclusive solutions.


Sunil Jain

With over 30 years of technology leadership experience driving digital transformation at Cisco and beyond, Sunil oversees Serene’s technical strategy and platform development. His leadership ensures that our solution remains at the forefront of leveraging AI for social impact.