Enabling Compliant and Responsible Lending

Optimise Affordability and Risk Assessments

Incorporate vulnerability insights into lending decisions, increasing access to responsible credit and minimising the risk of non-performing loans

Prevent Arrears and Improve Collections Outcomes

Identify at-risk borrowers early and engage them with tailored, empathetic support to mitigate financial distress and maximise recoveries

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty

Build trust and enhance your reputation by demonstrating you commitment to fairer lending practices


Driving Resilient Growth and Fair Lending Practices

Strengthen your lending business with Serene’s AI-powered vulnerability management solution, optimising risk assessment, collections strategies, and customer engagement.

Before Serene

  • Incomplete borrower profiles lead to inaccurate risk assessments
  • Reactive strategies result in missed early intervention opportunities
  • Insensitive collections practises damage customer relationships
  • Inability to demonstrate fair treatment of vulnerable customers

After Serene

  • Comprehensive borrower vulnerability profiles for informed lending decisions
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate and mitigate potential defaults
  • Personalised, compassionate support for borrowers in hardship
  • Robust audit trails and reporting for regulatory compliance