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Advanced analytics, actionable insights, and compassionate care

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Our Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Platform

Real-time monitoring, predictive insights and tailored interventions delivered seamlessly via APIs


Unparalleled Visibility into Customer Needs

Profile and segment customers based on the FCA’s key drivers of vulnerability, uncovering hidden risks and potential support needs. SereneID analyses vast transactional data, detecting early signs of emerging vulnerabilities across multiple dimensions.


Predict, Prioritise, and Prevent

Go beyond surface-level insights with advanced predictive modelling. SereneVision forecasts customers’ vulnerability trajectories, enabling you to anticipate changing needs and optimise treatment strategies. Stay ahead of risks and focus resources where they matter most.


From Insight to Action with Compassion

Bridge the gap between data and empathy with SereneCare. Our AI-powered recommendation engine generates personalised intervention strategies, from tailored messaging to proactive outreach, ensuring each customer receives the right support at the right time.

Serene in Action

Transforming Financial Health Across the Customer Lifecycle

From onboarding to collections, Serene delivers measurable value at every stage of the customer journey.

Retail Banking

Elevate customer care with dynamic vulnerability assessments, targeted support, and seamless integration across channels.

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Consumer Credit

Enhance affordability assessments, enable responsible lending, and compassionately guide customers through hardship.

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